What are the main advantages of Spring Boot that makes Spring Boot so famous ?

The main advantage of Spring Boot is to reduce time in process of Development, Unit Testing and Integration as compare to existing Spring framework. Here we have tried to listed out some point because of it happen.

1. AutoConfiguration

Spring Boot provides a set of defualt configuration for a quick start of the application.

2. No XML Configuration

Spring Boot tries to avoid XML Configuration completely. It combined existing annotations with single annotation.

3. Stand alone application

With features that Spring Boot provided you can create stand-alone application.

4. Embedded Server

Spring Boot provided embedded server like Tomcat so you don’t need to add externally tomcat or jetty to run the applications. It helps to develop and test our web applications very easily.

5. CLI tool

Using CLI (Command Line Interface) tool you can develop and test applications from command promt very easily and quickly.

6. Opinionated View

It provides opinionated view that helpls to save developer time and efforts. It also simplify maven configuration.

7. Spring Boot Initializer https://start.spring.io

It comes with starters that manage project dependency and provide various security metrics. It helps to provide some defaults to quick start of new applications.

8. APIs Support

It supports wide range of APIs that monitor and managed applications at development and production side using tools like Maven and Gradle.

9. Ecosystem

As we know Spring Boot is a model of Spring framework that’s why it is easily integrates with Spring Echosystem like Spring JDBC, Spring ORM, Spring Data, Spring Security, etc.



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